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No one reads this

2009-10-15 18:52:09 by Ekelbatzen

Hey, though only a few might still read my news post, I'll just continue posting though.

Its break and I have some more time to work on my first flash(-game), I might actually upload a first engine demo when I have worked on it enough, I still need to implement the story I have in mind and the next levels reffering to that story.

Anyways, it's still fun and I hope there will be a moderate enjoyable game here in the portal. :D

No one reads this

Newest Song

2009-10-11 10:55:00 by Ekelbatzen

Hey hey...
so DJ S!M made another song, go check it out, would you kindly?

Try to guess on what song this is based on and you are rewarded with a personal "Hooray!"

AAAaaand another song!

2009-09-12 06:18:27 by Ekelbatzen

S!M just finished his new song he spent some more efford on.
Comment it and give some advice, would you kindly?

Hardstyle Demon updated

2009-09-09 12:40:47 by Ekelbatzen

DJ S!M reworked his last song a bit and tried to work on the flaws you commented.

New Song

2009-09-05 09:51:40 by Ekelbatzen

DJ S!M made another song, what are you waiting for? Check it out and comment it!

New Songs

2009-09-02 16:33:19 by Ekelbatzen

Yeah, DJ S!M made some new songs, the latest two are pretty awesome, even if some guys tried to blam them, give them a try, they are pretty good.

Working on the game..

2009-08-29 10:33:30 by Ekelbatzen

Working all the gameplay out is quite hard and timewasting, but its still fun. I thought of some storyline and I will implement it the next time, but at first I am still working on the basic gameplay.

Working on the game..

Learning Flash, lol

2009-08-24 17:47:10 by Ekelbatzen

Hey there, after all this time watching movies and playing games here on NG I finally decided to learn some flash too. (Additionally we try to make some game in school now, so that will be helpful).

If anyone is reading this and cares, don't expect some first flash like a stick fight, a 10 second movie or a maze or something, I try to do some bigger flash game for the first project, which reminds of the Orange Runner. Only faster. Still very beta, some major things will be changed and tons of ideas will be added. Stay tuned.

Learning Flash, lol

New Song

2009-07-11 09:28:23 by Ekelbatzen

Dj S!M made a new song I uploaded, give him some tips and rate the song. ;D

First audio submission.

2009-07-03 09:27:14 by Ekelbatzen

Hey people!
I uploaded some work of a friend, who wants to become a DJ, mixed his first song, and asked me to upload it. Give it a try and comment it! /251978